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Encantada- Lavender & Pink Peppercorn Chai 

 "What an amazing blend! Very pleasing and peaceful from the first sip.  The subtle nuances and flavors will find you bringing the cup to your nose and then your lips for one drink after another.  The lavender will please the tongue and then the nutmeg and clove will pleasure the palate.  I'm already looking forward to the next cup!" -Paul

"I love your products so much!

So filled with love and intelligence."


Mesa Blue Corn Facial Cleanser

"I love the smell.  It is the best smelling facial product i have ever used....i just know it makes me want to wash my face just to enjoy the smell for a while. the Mesa Blue Corn Cleanser has a very fine powdery grain and so feels like a well loved face cloth rather than grainy and scratchy.  i felt like i was not only immersed in amazing smells but also that my face was getting a gentle scrub and a gentle stimulation for good circulation.  it was very pleasant to use and easy to pour out and mix in my palm with water because of the good container design. my face feels good and clean, not dry, just like skin is supposed to feel, soft and supple. feels so soft, not greasy or oily...just nourished and soft." ~ Peggy

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