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Plant & Flower Essences Indications

Each of these essences was handmade in deep communion with the plants and the land on which they grow, be it the wild forests, mountains and deserts of the southwest/Sonoran Desert, or in my backyard garden.  

Use: Each bottle in this set is stock essence, meant to be further diluted before use.  These bottles should last you quite a long time.  Take two drops from the essence stock you wish to use, and put it in a 1 oz bottle filled half with brandy (or vinegar) and half water.  This is your dose bottle. You may combine various essences in one dose bottle.  From a dose bottle take 4 drops 4 times a day, or as often as needed.  Put into your water bottle, bath water, mister bottles etc.

Aloe Vera (Aloe vera)

 Overwork, burning the candle at both ends, firey willpower overpowering emotional/spiritual heart.  negelcting self care-r est, food, socializing in order to accomplish goals/work.  Burn out, breakdown, exhaustion.  Balances the fire and water elements- creative activity centered in vital life energy,  bringing nourishment from the water element. “When the soul learns to balance firey forces of the will with the fountain of feeling from the heart, a tremendous outpouring of positive creativity and spirituality can be realized”  - Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz

Manzanita (Arctostaphylos pungens) 

Appreciation and self love of the physical body.  Allowing and receptiveness to physical pleasure- through food, sexuality, sensory experience of the body senses.  Embodiment and connection with the physical world.  Healing sexual/body trauma for women, relating to the uterus.  When we feel that the physical body is ugly, of little value, or something to be overcome/or risen above.  There may be strong restrictions relating to food/sex/exersize.  Valuing spirit over body.  For embracing the body as a sacred temple or shrine of the spirit/being. Full sacred embodiment.  Sacred sexuality.  -Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz

Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)

 Being grounded, ecstatically, knowing fully ones purpose and connected with one’s passion, and having the ability to protect and maintain healthy boundaries, while at the same time showing up joyfully and powerfully for living in the present moment and expressing oneself creatively and the ability to be open and responsive (as opposed to reactive) to the environment, to life and to connection with others just on the merits of its appearance and its particular characteristics and how it grows.   From Mimi Kamp “One’s passion in life frustrated, blocked, or abused becomes a destructive impulse erupting in ANGER, aggression, jealousy, defensiveness, manipulation, complaining, blaming, demanding attention, or just too much talking. Or, the repression of such energy causing mental/ emotional stagnation, LOW VITALITY, and poor self-esteem. ABUSE issues. Sexuality and vital force. Reactivity. Overly sensitive/reactive to external stimuli, allergies.  Deficient fire stimulated, and a negative or wasteful fire expression cooled, calmed, re-centered, and re-channeled into self-healing and creative manifestation. Quiet strength and SELF-CONFIDENCE. Taking RESPONSIBILITY from a deep-rooted place. BOUNDARY and protection. Focus calm and thorough. Stability.”

Pinon Pine Tree

Pinon Pine Spirit Essence made from the Mama Pinon tree on my property. She's an old wise mother tree, shedding oodles of nuts in the fall , feeding the flocks of pinon jays, and dancing in the wind each night. 
The essence is a mothering essence, reflecting abundance, nourishment and fertility. While also being cleansing and purifying of old ways of being in the world, especially those based on shame or guilt. She offers a clean way to begin again, while teaching the soul of the resilience and flexibilty and ability to dance in the fierce winds of change that life can bring. She teaches about how allowing life lessons and experiences to shape you and help you grow makes you more beautiful and strong. Pinon essence is very grounding helping one to connect deeply with your connection to the Earth/land, while also keeping the intuitive vision/mind clear and active. Tuning into wisdom of the land and spirit. A bridge between worlds. 
Also associated with pinon/blue jay medicine, as the abundance of nuts in the fall feeds flocks of cackling jays. 

Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

 Creative, and warm hearted femininity, producitve at home or in the world.  Creative energies focused and balance between home/mothering/nurturing the hearth and career, work, purpose and global change.    Women often feel torn between values of family and home or service in the world. “Promotes conscious alignment with feminine creative self, so a woman can see more clearly her right destiny and choices.  Connects us to the mother spirit of love in all that gives to the world.” -Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz

Prickly Pear (Opuntia engelmanii) For accessing the great strength that comes from surrendering to the flow of life and life's events; adaptability; inner calm through surrender to what IS; adaptability; remaining committed to what you know is right.  When you are giving in to something you really know is not right for you; pushing to make things happen; rigid and tightly held in check; toying with giving up something you know is right for you; wanting to control the timing of events and situations.  -Desert Alchemy,

Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lantanum)

Feeling of deep belonging and community and being exactly where and when I am supposed to be, with the plants. - Darcey

For those who take life too seriously and feel that they are responsible for everything and often have an underlying sense of insecurity. Cow Parsnip is for those who automatically take responsibility for things that are better left to others. It comes up for those who automatically feel as if they are responsible for everything around them: all the care and well being of others, the overseeing of projects so that they are done correctly, the endless tasks and chores of daily life, and the control of just about everything around them. This eliminates the possibility of fun, play, and relaxation in their world.  From Desert Alchemy:

California Poppy (Escholtzia) 

Findng spiritual fulfillment within one’s own heart, developing inner center of knowing/truth/wisdom.  When seeking outside oneself excessively for spiritual light or salvation.  Tendencies to addiction or escapism.  All the glitters is not gold.  Seeking spiritual glamour or enticing psychic experiences outside themselves. Often drawn to excessive use of psychadelics, cults, charismatic guru/leaders without question or checking in with ones own center of wisdom and truth.  This essence allows us to see the spiritual light and wisdom within ourselves and in our own path.  Encourages self responsability and inner development and golden heart/spirit light.   -Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz

Lemmon’s Marigold (Tagetes lemmonii) 

When black clouds loom, either physically or emotionally.  When depression strikes, when Seasonal Affective Disorder rears its head, when trauma, a bad experience or bad memory gets triggered and needs release.  Marigold sheds light on the proverbial shadows that come to haunt us.  This is not to say it makes the issues go away completely, but it sheds a light in that dark moment when you can’t see how to get beyond it- and allows you to work within the shadow to heal and move forward. Marigold medicine is also helpful for walking between the light and dark, between this reality and the next, and between the living and the dead.  When doing work with ancestral wounds and ties, when grieving loss of a loved one to death, or when undertaking dream work or journey work that involves shadows, the underworld or those who have passed beyond the veil.  

Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja integra) 

 heart based self expression, creativity, being receptive in embodiment to messages from nature, hearing, sound, vibrations, sutble energy, being attuned to synchronicity, attuned to and receptive to and cultivating a vibrational relationship with the world. the world responds to us, and our vibration, and we respond it turn to nature's vibrations. nothing is an accident. HUMMINGBIRD medicine- soul journey, creative soul expression, sweetness, nourishment for the soul creativity, fire element, SUN planetary energy.

Mariposa Lily (Calochortus) 

The essence of the divine feminine.  Mother energy.  Maternal consciousness and healing mother relationship.  Mother child bonding, healing inner child.  Feelings of alienation from mother/motherhood. Childhood trauma relating to mother- abandonment, divorce, economic hardship, abuse, neglect.  This essence connects us to the energy of the divine mother who holds us all, the earth mother, allows us to mother ourselves and nuture ourselves, regardless of past experience or belief about motherhood.  Helps to assuage fears of “Being a good mother” based on negative experience of motherhood as a child.  For males as well as females who need to connect with the divine feminine and mother energy. -Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz 

Self-mothering brings joy and freedom, healing separation and alienation. We become receptive to human love. carrying the mother inside yourself; healing the feeling of separation and alienation; joy and freedom through being in touch with a sense of integrated self-mothering; opening the channel to the energy of the source; receptivity to human love; When experiencing alienation; desolation; feeling separated from mothering support; insecurity resulting from an inability to mother yourself or give yourself comforting, reassuring messages; isolation; unable to mother yourself.  -Desert Alchemy,

Moon Flower/Sacred Datura (Datura meteloides)  

Moon flower/Sacred Datura facilitates seeing beyond our present view of reality to a more comprehensive, visionary state. When appropriate, it supports us in letting go of a known or familiar reality, such as a relationship or job, without feeling threatened.  Encourages courage to let go of the familiar and secure; dissolving your illusions or cherished beliefs about reality; eases the confusion and paradox often experienced during periods of transformation and perceptual shifts; encourages deep inner visionary states and acceptance of them as a natural part of being; helps open the "doors of perception" to a new, expanded experience of reality; helps you see beyond your present view of reality to a much more expanded state; often indicated when the form or ideals of a relationship need re-examination or change.  For when you feel a sense of existential loneliness or separation; confusion or meaninglessness; disillusionment;disintegration of a known or familiar reality, or of any form or structure such as a relationship or career;fear because your identity, situation, or perception is threatened; fear of losing control or of insanity; feeling as if your being is dissolving; feeling like an alien; feeling spaced out, in a waking dream state, detached from reality, disoriented, disassociated; incongruous feelings or perceptions;shattered dreams or ideals. - Desert Alchemy,

Scarlet Betony (Stachys coccinea)

 Contains a butterfly of transformation.  Like the chrysalis that holds us when transforming ourselves, for sexual transformations_ life cycle changes, role changes (menstruation, coming of age, menopause/andropause, parenthood, sex change).  For healing pain, anger and trauma around life cycle/sexual maturation or sexual choices.  Grounded sexuality- aligned with highest well being, with safety and comfort with onself in sexual situations.  Healthy sexual forces and energy based in self love, self expression, healthy ecstatic experience and sensory body awareness/pleasure and comfort.

Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium)

Loving inclusion of others, positive expectation of goodwill from others, the ability to trust others.  For paranoid and defensive behaviors, expectation of hostility from others, antagonistic projection - from Flower Essence Services

From Desert Alchemy-  helps develop trust for self and others, helps restore emotional equilibrium during times of hormonal imbalance, overcoming fear of emotional hostility, cultivates self-love and acceptance, self-nourishment.  For distrust of others and their intentions, fear of emotional hostility, feeling left out, feeling unloved, never being quite satisfied with your performance, paranoid, self-criticism and judgment, self-dissatisfaction, turning your energy against yourself

Windflower (Anemone tuberosa)

I  made a flower essence and sat in communion with this sweet flower for several hours- and she had a lot to say.  About allowing our authentic nature and true self to be seen without fear or hiding anything.  We are protected. We are safe.  We are here to be a light in the world. She is soft, gentle, vulnerable – but knows where to grow and bloom in safety. Associated with fawn/deer medicine – gentleness, self love.She is not afraid of the light. It is for when you hide in safe places out of fear of being seen for whom and what you truly are. She helps you to be seen with all your unique beauty and gifts, in your light and your authentic self. She withstands the harsh winds of life’s challenging circumstance and brings ease and calm into fear and challenge. She helps to become who you dream you can be. Magic.  Shyness and timidness, helps you to allow your true self to shine through. When you feel as if you stand out from the crowd, when you are too different from those around you and you fear to truly be yourself to avoid being seen as strange, different or for what you truly are. When you isolate yourself from community because of your fear of your differences.  Offers gentle fortification- of inner beauty and recognition of your gifts- and in recognizing and accepting the small meaningful gifts in life that might otherwise seem insignificant.

Wild Cotton - (Gossypium thurberi)

Restores feminine grace, purity and sensuality. Clearing collective as well as personal or family patterns of sexual distortion, trauma, abuse and power struggle. Confronting and redefining male-female patriarchal habits of behavior acted out between the sexes or between same-sex partners. Rejoins the blood mysteries with spirit, erasing perversions and false judgmental spirituality. - From Mimi Kamp

This flower has always spoken to me of healing the feminine sexuality and reproductive system, reclaiming sacred sexuality, and wholeness, and recovering from sexual trauma, birth trauma, abortion,  or violation, or just detoxing and energetically unwinding sexual energy from previous partnerships that may not have been the healthiest engagement of our sexual natures.

Yerba del Lobo (Helenium hoopseii)

Feeling connected with inner queen energy, sacred feminine, empowered and crowned with light.  For not denying your own beauty and expression and power/queenliness.  The plant told me to make a crown of the flowers while I created it. Regal with peace, not having to overstate or take up too much space because of feeling inadequate, but allowing your natural power to speak for itself

White Dalea (Dalea Candida)

Existential loneliness, feeling alienated from nature spirits and helpful elements in nature.  When you feel alone in life and like you are standing in a natural “waste land” so to speak. This essence connects you with the elemental energies of nature, and the help and companionship of the abundance of nature that is always around us. 

Stinging Nettle- (Urtica dioica)

Nettle lends support for leaving situations that can't support our spiritual, physical, psychological, or emotional needs. Nettle helps us make clear choices especially about leaving toxic situations. Use this essence for releasing pain and grief related to partings and endings. Nettle is indicated also for those who are often in conflict with others. It helps to heal deep hurt from abandonment. Some lessons are painful, but they are powerful and for our benefit. Nettle helps us realize this. This is an essence to put us in touch with the source of our irritations and to allow us to release our negative feelings in a non-aggressive way.  -Lichenwood Herbals (

Yellow Columbine -Aquilegia chrysantha 

 my experience was very celestial, and shooting stars and brain/nueral networks related.   making connections between nuerons.

Western Columbine (Aquilegia formosa) –Instills a visceral body confidence for living a fully engaged and competent life by working through the energy circuits related to the sacral chakra.

I AM visceral body confidence for living a fully engaged and competent life.

Symptom: Use Western Columbine Flower Essence when you are unable to embody confidence with the things you need and want to do in your life. It is helpful when you have or are in the process of gaining the skills needed, but are unable to put the skills into action with confidence. This could be as simple as riding a bike or as complex as writing a computer program.  It also relates to not having the confidence to express your feelings or to make necessary changes in your life.

Action:Western Columbine flower essence works through the 1st and 2nd chakras to instill a visceral body confidence.  This is the kind of confidence that doesn’t require thought, only action.  Thinking about the process actually gets in the way of your body memory responding - like driving a car, playing a sport or a musical instrument.  It supports the process of expressing your feelings making changes in your life with confidence.


Purple Bee Balm (Monarda menthaefolia)

Like sun breaking though clouds, rays of purple spiritual light pierce the clouded human collective consciousness creating openings for high-frequency energy to flow into your experience of daily life.  Assists with staying grounded, flexible, and open hearted while experiencing this “as above so below” transformation.

Use Purple Monarda Flower Essence when you are ready to live your life without the old stories, belief systems and resulting behaviors that have become embedded in the collective human consciousness. For example: war solves conflicts, more is better, scarcity is a fact, Earth is the only planet with life.  Purple Monarda Flower Essences is also helpful if you feel ungrounded, guarded or separate from other people as you make the transition to more expanded states of spiritual awareness.

Action:Purple Monarda flower essence helps you to integrate the higher frequencies of spiritual energy that are penetrating the collective human consciousness during these transformation times. It assists with directly receiving information from the spiritual realms and with shifting your attitudes, belief systems and behaviors to be more in sync with the upgrades in human consciousness. For example: Peace is possible and is healthy for all beings; Abundance abounds, let’s share it; Earth is part of a vibrantly alive Universe.  Purple Monarda Flower Essence and helps you stay grounded, flexible and open hearted during this process.


Wolf Berry (Lycium Pallidum) 

 Composting hucha, releasing heavy energy, cleansing of the burdens we carry, hawk medicine, spirit messages, releasing energy to the EARTH, connecting with her ability to transform, mulch. when things in life need to be composted and transformed, energy not lost but transmuted - Darcey

Releasing deep sadness from the past, Wolfberry helps us allow grief to take us to a transpersonal experience. When we experience that something is shifting around inside ourselves but we don't know what it is, Wolfberry helps us be at peace and allow the process without insisting upon defining it. Avoidance of grief or sadness. - Desert Alchemy  


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