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Image of Sacred Plant Wisdom - Volumes 1-12 Complete

Sacred Plant Wisdom - Volumes 1-12 Complete


Sacred Plant Wisdom is a newsletter series devoted to the Wisdom that comes from the Plants. Helping you find ways to connect with and learn from these plants in a Sacred Way.

All 12 volumes of Sacred Plant Wisdom in one interactive PDF downloaded right to your computer. Each Volume contains a mix of MP3’s, Recipes, Guided Meditations, Journal Questions for deepening your relationship and work with each ally, music, poetry and much more!

Each volume focuses on one plant and teaches us through recipes, poetry, art, videos, MP3 recordings, meditations and journey prompts, journaling exercises and more to help you get the most out of the wisdom each plant is offering and applying it to your own life. The series includes medicinal uses although the primarily focus is not on the physical medicines, but the deeper relationship and sacred medicine this plant can offer us as a teacher, wisdom keeper and guide. Also Flower essences, energetic and emotional teachings, practices and deep spirit healing and connection with the land.

Volume 1: Corn
Volume 2: Hawthorn – Faery Guardian of the Heart
Volume 3: Olive Tree – Keeper of Ancient Rhythms
Volume 4: Sage Brush – Spiritual Alignment & Cleansing
Volume 5: Calendula – Warmth, Joy & Third Chakra
Volume 6: Cherry Tree
Volume 7: Avena/Wild Oats
Volume 8: Yarrow - Sacred Warrior, Sacred Boundries
Volume 9: Rosemary
Volume 10: Mountain Marigold – Ancestral Healing & Light in the Shadows of Grief
Volume 11: Sage – Soul Truth & Balance
Volume 12: Cottonwood Tree- Stillness, Ceremony, Grace & Flow

Each Volume is also available individually.

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