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Pinon Pine Collection & Gift Set

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The Pinon Pine Collection is a unique one time offering for the autumn season including everything Pinon Pine!
It includes our ever popular:

Campfire Pinon Chai w/Toasted Pinon Nuts
Pinon Patchouli Body Oil
Pinon Resin Salve
Pinon Pine Plant Spirit Essence
Mother Pinon Handcrafted Ceremonial Incense
Pinon Pine Needle Honey Elixir
Pinon Pine Materia Medica PDF

Boxes are pre-order only and delivered by Nov 10, 2018

Must be pre-ordered by October 5! Limited Quantities Available, order early to ensure you get the box you want for yourself or gifting.

Includes shipping within the US. International Orders additional shipping charges apply.

Want a smaller option?
Order the Mini Collection with Pinon Resin Salve, Pinon Needle Honey Elixir, Pinon Ceremonial Incense, and Pinon Pine Materia Medica PDF
$49 (incl shipping in the US.)

see description of each product below.

Campfire Pinon Chai - 2 oz
The warmth of smokey piñon fires, toasted nuts, fresh needles...and the steaming cup of sweet and spicy chai in your winter cold hands. Almost as good as sitting in front of a campfire in the chilly mountain southwest evening with a warm & creamy chai. Wild harvested piñon needles and nuts, gently toasted, and cracked, swims in a smokey lapsang souchong black tea and chai masala spices.

Pinon Patchouli Body Oil - 2 oz
Forest hippies rejoice...Piñon needles and resins infused body oil with hints of vanilla bean and patchouli in balancing and nourishing sesame and olive oils. The perfect grounding and uplifting remedy for blustery days, added to warm bath soaks, warm self massage, or as a daily scent.
2 oz glass bottle with screw cap.

Pinon Resin Salve - 1 oz
Resin from Piñon pine trees of Northern Arizona infused into olive oil with pure beeswax. My favorite drawing salve for thorns, splinters, little pieces of invisible glass in your foot, items embedded in your skin and healed over, poorly healing wounds, windburn, chapping. This salve draws out, protects with a antimicrobial coating, and soothes. Also try it as a stimulating expectorant and decongestant chest rub for those nasty winter coughs that are thick with phlegm stuck in the lungs or sinuses.
Harvested sustainably from the forest floor. No trees were harmed in the making of this salve. Resin is gifted to us when the tree has used it for its own purposes. I never cut, or use a metal tool to harvest resin from a tree. It must come easily and willingly as a gift. Thank you trees!
Each salve is pure and natural- with no essential oils added.

Pinon Pine Spirit Essence - 1/2 oz stock bottle
The essence is a mothering essence, reflecting abundance, nourishment and fertility. While also being cleansing and purifying of old ways of being in the world, especially those based on shame or guilt. She offers a clean way to begin again, while teaching the soul of the resilience and flexibilty and ability to dance in the fierce winds of change that life can bring. She teaches about how allowing life lessons and experiences to shape you and help you grow makes you more beautiful and strong. Pinon essence is very grounding helping one to connect deeply with your connection to the Earth/land, while also keeping the intuitive vision/mind clear and active. Tuning into wisdom of the land and spirit. A bridge between worlds.
Also associated with pinon/blue jay medicine, as the abundance of nuts in the fall feeds flocks of cackling jays.

Pinon Ceremonial Insence - .5 oz pure Incense
Pure aromatic healing pinon resin blended with herbs, woods and spices to create a sturdy cake incense meant for burning over a hot coal to clear, ground, uplift and balance the environment during ritual, ceremony, or daily energetic hygiene in your home or office.

Pinon Needle Honey Elixir - 2 oz bottle
Fresh clipped aromatic and dampness clearing pinon needles infused in local Flagstaff honey, spring water and pure grain alcohol. Clear dampness in the respiratory tract, energize the circulation or spike your favorite warm beverage (amazing in coffee or cacao!) for fun.

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