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Image of  Sacred Plant Wisdom - Vol. 3 Olive Tree – Keeper of Ancient Rhythms

Sacred Plant Wisdom - Vol. 3 Olive Tree – Keeper of Ancient Rhythms


Get your copy of the Sacred Plant Wisdom devoted to the Olive Tree. An ancient tree with deep significance in many of the worlds spiritual and religious traditions, and with wisdom for us today that urges us to connect with our own rhythms and cycles, the Cycles of Nature, the ancient wisdom that comes from our ancestors, and the energy of the divine feminine and movement.

If you work with Olive leaves as a medicine, or the essence of olive tree, you will certainly want to dive into this issue which helps us to connect more deeply with the spiritual and emotional medicine of this ancient healing medicine tree.

Sacred Plant Wisdom is newsletter series devoted to the Wisdom that comes from the Plants. Helping you find ways to connect with and learn from the plants in a Sacred Way.

Each newsletter will focus on one plant, which has offered to me its desire to be included in this work. Includes information about what this plant wants to share and teach us at this time through poetry, art, recordings, meditations and journey prompts for you in addition to journaling exercises to help you get the most out of the wisdom each plant is offering and applying it to your own life.

This will include medicinal uses, but will not primarily focus on the physical medicines- but the deeper relationship and sacred medicine this plant can offer us as teacher, wisdom keeper and guide. Flower essences, energetic and emotional teachings, practices and deep spirit healing and connection with the land.

Delivered as a PDF to your e mail!

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