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Image of Flower Power: Working with Flower Essences 6 E-Course

Flower Power: Working with Flower Essences 6 E-Course


Flower Power is an E-Course now available in a self paced format!

The entire 6 module course comes as a downloadable PDF file with video, mp3 files, activities and practices which you can work through at your own pace - lesson by lesson.

Comes with descriptions of 12 flower essences:Prickly Pear, Elder Flower, Cow Parsnip, Oregon Grape, Coral Bean, Ocotillo, Moonflower, Marigold, Texas Red Betony, Windflower (Anemone), Aloe Vera & Pomegranate

These 12 essences are available as a separate package for you to begin to work with or you can purchase with the course, (see separate listing) but are not required if you prefer to make your own or purchase essences from anywhere else.

What Flower Power E-course includes:

Why use flower essences?

Lesson 1:
Essences: Prickly Pear Cactus & Elder Flower
What are flower essences?
Why use essences?
Why are they different that using tinctures?
What is energetic medicine?
What is the energy body/field?

Lesson 2:
Essences: Cow Parsnip & Texas Red Betony
How to make a flower essence: Step by step
Mother, stock, dose bottles
How to Prove Essences

Lesson 3:
Essences: Coral Bean & Ocotillo
Communicating with plants – how to listen to them, how to speak to them
Shamanic Journey, Open Heart Attunement

Lesson 4:
Essences: Moonflower & Marigold
Plant allies
How to ally with a plant?
How to find, engage and maintain a plant ally?
Building a plant ally altar

Lesson 5:
Essences: Oregon Grape & Windflower
How to determine which essence to use? Divination, muscle testing, dowsing with pendulum, journey, intuition, specific indications
How to Administer essences -Dose bottle, spray, bath, in water, in body care
How many essences should I take at a time?
When to stop taking an essence – What if i drop it? forget it? break it?

Lesson 6:
Essences: aloe vera & pomegranete
Essence ethics
Standards to keep around: bach rescue, yarrow environmental solution
Sets vs homemade – bach, fes, desert alchemy, austrialian bush

This powerful course can be purchased as the E-course only
or with the 12 essences in 1/2 oz stock bottles & Essence Indication Cards. The essences can also be purchased without the course modules.

This listing is for the Flower Power - Working with Flower Essences modules PDF only.

PDF download at checkout.

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