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Palo Santo & Citrus Bitters

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Palo santo has been gaining popularity in the U.S and Europe as a beautiful incense and sacred smudging plant. But this sacred and healing tree is revered for far more than just its smoke or essential oil in its homeland of the amazonian lands of Ecuador and Peru. This tree is a relative of Frankincense and Myrrh trees, and the Elephant Tree in the SW US and Northern Mexico.

Its medicine is deeply powerful and healing- antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, bitter, carminative, diaphoretic and more. It is used in its native land as a tea for all kinds of ills (colds, flus, arthritis, cancer etc), and the people pray to this beautiful tree ally for help in all sorts of life challenges.

The true magic of this tree is that it cannot be cut down for its wood and healing properties. The tree must die a natural death, and lay on the forest floor for several years before its magical scent and healing properties develop. I call this the Resurrection Tree. Because it teaches us how to rise and transform in the death of one phase, gifts come to us in a new life/form. But it is said the Palo Santo tree is "celosa" - jealous. She gives generously but only to those who are devoted and keep their promises and treat it with respect.

This medicine is powerful. This medicine is a sacred teacher. Use this elixir to learn about right relationship, and make sure to offer gratitude to this great trees medicine. Use it in ceremony to clear and cleanse, and bring you into sacred space, use it for your health and healing needs.
Bitters are supportive to healthy digestive system processes when used before or after meals. May also be used in holiday cocktails/mocktails, egg nog, whipped cream, hot cacao or bubbly water for jolly spirits throughout the season and beyond.

Dosage : 5 - 30 drops.
1 oz of Palo Santo (bursera graveolens) & Citrus Bitters
Contains: alcohol, honey, bursera graveolens wood, lemon and orange peel, allspice berries.

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