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Image of Autumn SHARE  Community Supported Herbal Package  (CSH)

Autumn SHARE Community Supported Herbal Package (CSH)


Order your Autumn Share by Sept, 15, 2017!

Autumn SHARES will be delivered each month - Oct, Nov, Dec - in a package of 3 items by the 25th of each month!

Products include:
Elderberry Elixir
A tasty warming chai blend
Nocino Walnut Liquer
a warming relaxing bath soak
palo santo citrus bitters
spicy hot cocoa blend
winter wellness elixir
pinon & patchouli body oil
wild mountain conifers (pine, fir, spruce) infused vinegar
seasonal Flower Essence

Share Memberships are offered seasonally or annually- choose between a 3 month seasonal membership, in which you will receive between 9-12 new products for the season, or an annual share subscription, to get each seasons products without interruption!

Products Pictured are an example only, not what you will receive in any particular month.

CSH includes:
3-4 new fresh, handmade products each month
seasonal subscriptions for 3 months each or annual subscription for all 4 seasons.
provides the freshest, most potent plant medicine and products for your personal use (products are made seasonally, and fresh- nothing sitting on a shelf for months on end!)
supplies you with seasonally appropriate medicines and products (elderberry for cold & flu season, cooling tea blends for summer iced infusions, soup herbs to infuse your fall soups with healing plants)
offers a wide variety of medicines and product types for all tastes- including tinctures, elixirs, medicinal tea blends, infused healing oils, salves, luscious body care, flower essences, vinegars and more!
supports the skills, experience, knowledge, and heartfelt connection of your herbalist, Darcey, with the plants and land she works from.

Annual shares available here!

Summer Shares:
Rose Elixir
Rosemary Foot Balm
Grounded Essence Mist
New Flower Essence Blend
Green Summer Chai
Herbal Smoking Blend
yarrow infused honey
Peaceful Tummy Elixir

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